Kamis, 31 Mei 2012

you do care

When someone says "I really don't care what people think", it makes you wonder what else is stopping them from being truly happy. You do. You care. No matter how big, old, popular, pretty, strong you are, when someone criticizes you, it still hurts. Don't you dare pretend that for at least one second, it doesn't get to you, because I just know it does. When someone puts you down, you're not expected to smile about it. No matter what good this criticism is doing for you, it still hurts you. Despite whatever it may come with. Despite how "strong" it's making you. EVEN if it's not true - it still gets to that one soft soft in your heart. The sensitive spot. I really wish I could be one of those people who truly do not care what others think about them (if they exist). I just think it'll make everything, just you know, easier. You're trying on an outfit that you really liked enough to try on in the first place. Instead of giving yourself a heads-up on how you feel about the outfit, you ask your mum or your sister or your friend "how does it look?". That's your insecurity right there. You long for reassurance to look good. You want to look good, you want to feel good about yourself, so you ask others. And if they tell you the truth "It doesn't look good", there's a small disappointment inside you that you don't tend to show. But you're asking to get a good answer. You're not looking for a negative one, regardless if it's honesty or not, you just want a "yes" answer. Now, don't get me wrong. It's okay to ask others for their opinions on things. It's nice to know, in general, how other sets of eyes see you. But that's a risk that you have to take right after you ask for someones opinion. Because there's a 50/50 chance that their answer won't satisfy you. When someone tells you you're ugly. Don't you dare pretend it doesn't affect you, not one bit. Then all these other people come in saying "don't listen, you're beautiful the way you are." A million people could tell you that. But your mind keeps taking you back to that ONE negative person. WHY are they affecting me so much? WHY can't I base my happiness on the others? On the positive feedback people offer, and NOT the negative? It's cause it's in our nature. It's normal to be hurt by the negative aspects and opinions people present on a daily basis. It's normal to feel sad after hearing someones criticism about you. But don't lie. Don't say you don't care what other people think, because that's just going to hurt you more. By denying your sadness you're only making it worse than it started off. There will always be those negative people who don't find a problem with being honest, or just completely negative about everything. They have their issues, their insecurities, their problems too. And it WILL affect you. Maybe you'll cry one night because of them. BUT the overall outcome of your life? That's up to you. How you feel about yourself.. That is COMPLETELY. UP. TO. YOU. You let yourself believe the negative things people say about you? You'll eventually become that 'negative thing.' It's okay to fall sometimes. People push you. I get it. It's not easy to keep your balance when so many people want to put you down. But it's really your strength that defines you. So, next time someone puts you down.. It's your choice to get right back up. Till next time. -ogek

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