Senin, 03 Oktober 2011


you do something bad, people criticize you. you do something good, people still criticize you. nobody is ever happy with anything. its true. even if you do something great, people will always find something to hate about you. they will point out your flaws, all the time. even if your youtube video is awesome - there will still be those people who will click 'dislike'. wanna know why? because people in general have cold hearts & couldn't care less about the feelings of others or how they can hurt someone with mean words.

i know i'm only 17 but i'm wise enough to realize this... i am not naive anymore although at times i wish i still was. i'm less naive towards the society and generation we live in today. bullying, racism, misjudgments.. it's so sad to know people can be mean. i mean, we can all be mean. unfortunately, we all have the power to bully. but it takes a wise mind to realize it's the wrong thing 2 do. saying mean things to a person, and insulting them, your words will mark, believe me. your words have the power to make a person look down on themselves. to ruin a person's self esteem and confidence.

think of it this way. if someone calls you an ugly dog, an ugly dog is what you'll see in the mirror. that's how much words will affect..

to the bullies out there... those who hate and criticize and judge... give it a break. go out and live a little. smile. be kind; be happy. i understand ya'll have your dislikes, but that gives you no right to become such nasty bullies. disliking something does NOT mean making hate-pages/youtube accounts, spending time arguing with fans, or commenting badly on their youtube videos.

disliking something is having no interest in it. having no interest means not caring. not caring doesn't mean making hate pages? it's the opposite. making a hate page shows you do care enough to let the world know who you hate and why. does it matter? be the good person i know you can be. i don't care if you dislike something, but hate is a strong word towards someone you don't know, correct?

i wish the world was a much better place full of much better people. we could all accept each others differences and respect each other. i guess that's not how it works anymore. racism will always be around & the bullies won't stop, but its up to YOU to let them affect you.

stand up for yourself. you're beautiful and you deserve to smile. Life is not perfect. there will be very tough times but remember that behind every rainy day is a rainbow waiting to brighten up everything. good things happen, remember that. but i can't promise you'll be happy all the time. nobody is. but it's the hard times that make us strong people.

Wherever you go in life, there will be haters who criticize everything you do. Wanna know a secret? they want to see you fall. So... DON'T FALL. Smile right in their faces. show em that even though they're trying to hurt you - no matter if it does or not - smile. show them they're not affecting your life. don't allow them to.

let my compliment affect you in a positive way. be confident, believe, be kind, be beautiful, be yourself, be amazing, be-u-tiful ♥ don't follow the crowd... pave your own path. be yourself. love yourself. stand up for yourself. be strong. xoxo

Sabtu, 27 Agustus 2011

smile.. God loves you :)

it's true, God loves you! so smile, appreciate life and BE HAPPY. don't be mean. don't talk about people. don't judge others. because we both know that none of us like to be called names, like to be talked about and like to be judged. we're all alike. which means none of us like it when that stuff happens. why do it to people if you wouldn't like it happening to you? when people say you've changed, it's true most of the time, but who says change isn't a good thing? growing up means changing. not only the way you look, but the way you look at life and how you deal with things.


pray, talk to your Lord at night, i promise you he's there to listen to you.. pray for those in need of a prayer. there are so many people in this world right now who would KILL to be you. even if that sounds crazy, because you might feel lonely or leftout - trust me so many others have it much worse than you. if you have a roof over your head, food in your fridge, a bed to sleep in... You're luckier than millions of homeless people who die of starvation everyday.

Appreciate. THANK your lord for allowing you to wake up this morning. it might be your last day, so enjoy today. be nice to people and YOU could brighten up your own day. try your hardest to make the right decisions BUT dont be afraid to make mistakes.

making mistakes while we're young is for the best. because making mistakes means learning, and what we learn determines our future. WHO YOU ARE will be WHAT YOU'VE DONE. the mistakes you've done, the words you said, the boys you kissed, the friends you backstabbed... all of this will make you WHO U ARE in your future.

make mistakes. make as many as you can. and then one day you'll KNOW who you are.

and remember to SMILE because GOD LOVES YOU :)

and i do too oh how ironic!!! -loveogek- xoxo

Jumat, 29 Juli 2011


Hey there!

Signs in, a 17 years old Asian, more precisely a proud Indonesian who has a huge passion for the written world, I write what I feel and I feel what I write.

Used to have dozens of blogs and tumblrs, but those were lacking in quality, I mean, I used to reblog, reblog, and reblog stuffs. This time, I wanna create and make some noise. So keep on checking up and enjoy yourself